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Re-engage Your Facebook Group

Learn the exact steps to re-engaging your Facebook Group!

Increase the size of your group, boost engagement and sell more...

Audience Building

Step one of building a business that consistently makes 5 figures per month is making sure you are building an audience that is full of your perfect clients, not just anyone but your real life perfect clients that are ready to buy from you.

Increase the number of people joining your group by 145%

Nurture Your Group

Getting engagement on your posts and inside your group is one of the key things to generating sales in your group.

Learn the exact steps to massively boost engagement in just 2 weeks!

Sales without Sleaze

We are not in the business of high pressure sales, no take out your credit card here, just real heart focused sales that turn perfect clients into paying customers. It really is that simple.

We will teach you how to get people sending you messages to work with you!

Easy to follow process to Re-Engage Your Group

What People are Saying...

"Deasha was the complete package, and my first impressions about her competence, skill and her commitment to my success were spot on. She helped me with a first-ever 5 figure launch while only having had a chance to implement a small part of the overall strategy we had developed.

That five figure launch with a tiny group, a pretty small audience (less than 200 back then) and list would likely not have been possible without Deasha's clear strategic insight and encouragement."

Jay Asooli

Imogen doubled the members of her Facebook group

Kim built REAL relationships in her group and had a $25k launch!

What is inside the course?

I have given you the step by step instructions on how to re-engage your Facebook group.

  • How to create the header image to drive traffic!

  • Deciding on a name that automatically grows the group!

  • How to put together the strategy for your content

  • Understanding the importance of your welcome post

  • How to optimise your group for SEO

  • Template emails and Direct Messages to send out

You will literally not need to think about anything, you will have all the steps you need to take in one place and just need to follow them!

Your host

Deasha Waddup

Deasha has worked in marketing for over 9 years with extensive experience working internationally in corporate environments and in digital marketing agencies before founding Social Treats.

Deasha has helped businesses scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures since launching Social Treats in 2016. Using organic social media strategies, she has perfected a system that she now teaches through her coaching programs.

Deasha has worked with clients to build webinar funnels, membership funnels and even sell high ticket offers with absolutely no “funnels” all utilising organic strategies in particular Facebook Groups. She drives leads for high ticket items in industries spanning from wellness to coaching and lots in between.

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