Helping Coaches and Consultants create community, generate consistent sales and love life, without the hustle, using The Long Launch Method.

Are you constantly in hustle mode, never knowing where your next sale will come from?

Do you execute a HUGE launch, just to end up with very few (if any) clients, and exhausted?

Are you sick of starting every month at $0 and never being able to plan ahead?

What if...

  • You had a community of loyal, engaged fans ready to buy at any given moment?

  • You could easily sell your signature offer on a regular basis AND easily integrate selling your digital product or additional offers with ease?

  • You could use a proven launch strategy that consistently gets you new clients and doesn't lead to burn out?

Hi, I'm Deasha. I am a marketing and business coach that works with coaches and consultants to help them grow their business with consistent sales and more time freedom.

I have spent many years working in marketing in industries spanning construction, recruitment, events, FMCG, insurance and so much more before I decided I want to focus on my won thing and work only with clients that light me up.

I started my business in 2016 and worked with clients that excited me, whose mission made my soul smile and who I could really get behind.

But, the thing was I was following other people's strategies, those that were not in line with the way I wanted to do business, that put hustle and money before flow and ease.

That is when I realised, I needed to do things differently. I worked on what I now call The Long Launch Method.

The process of slowing down your launches, consistently selling but never burning out, taking on high paying 1:1 clients with the mixture of group coaching and mini course offers all while putting community and relationships at the centre of my business.

Inside The Incubator...

We will build out your other offer so that it has rolling enrolment removing the need for launches all the time and allowing you to make money whenever someone wants to buy from you.

You will have a selection of mini courses or offers that allow people to buy from you when and how they feel the need to get them ready for your higher ticket offers.

We will look at your current growth strategy and make a plan that allows you to consistently grow your audience in way that feels good for you.

This means that people will be joining your group every single week if not every single day. People deserve to know you exist and you need new people to talk to and nurture.

Your content should sell for you, We build a strategy that allows people to learn about your offers and how you help people.

This is a combination of live video, content that gets people ready to buy from you and conversations to find out the needs from your audience so you can better position your offers.

Know your numbers when it comes to sales, how many people are you inviting to book sales calls. What does the conversation look like before you do this.

We work on your sales conversation skills so that people are booking calls with you because they know you can help them and we work on the content that has people putting their hands up to work with you.

You have done the hard work, grown, nurtured and now is the big event this is where you give those that might have been on the fence for the last 3 months or longer the opportunity to buy from you with no brainer bonuses.

We build out your automations so over time this becomes easier and easier for you and people just float into your paid offer.

What You Get...

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls per month each call with a specific focus so you are all learning.

  • Course content that is jam packed

  • Private Facebook Community for all questions in between calls and feedback

  • DFY scripts, templates and automations

  • Discount on automation software

  • Craft out your unique strategy to grow your community and bring new people into your audience consistently

  • Learn how to consistently nurture your audience so that they are ready to buy from you.

  • Understand how to launch slowly and sell quickly and consistently inside your community.

This is for you if....

  • You have been selling either 1:1 or group coaching offers already even if it is a few.

  • You need a repeatable system that allows for flow and ease.

  • You already have or want to build a Facebook community

  • You are willing to do the work

  • You want to understand the numbers and data behind decisions in your business

  • You want to be part of a small community that are raising each other up and supporting each other

  • Your business has a mission that can help impact the world.


  • Weekly Accountability Calls to keep you on track

  • A personalised 12 week strategy that gives you the first steps based on where you are in your journey right now!

  • Facebook Strategy Audit to understand where are you are now and what your first step needs to be.

Why is this different to any other program?

We focus on putting community and relationships at the centre of your business, no cold messages, no hard selling, just a HELL YES from your dream clients.

Individualised support, you are unique and your business should be too. I want to support you to create a business that feels good for you.

You set your own goals and indicators of success. There is no hustle culture here, we are all about boundaries and creating ease and flow.

Don't take my word for it...

Dena Launched and sold out a brand new 1:1 mentoring program in just 2 weeks.

Melissa finally has a structure and a process to sell to her group without feeling "Icky"

Kim had her first ever 25K launch, turned off her ads and now launches just 3 times a year.

After 2 years of struggling Karen got clear on her messaging and what to sell to her clients.


What if I don't have a community?

You don't already need a community running but you need to want to run a community as this is the centre of our work together.

What if I am in another program?

Often, other programs will complement The Incubator, no one else is teaching The Long Launch Method using Facebook Communities.

I can't make all the live calls?

That is ok, the value you will get from the replays will be amazing. Melissa was only able to attend a few calls as it was 2am in her timezone.

My group is dead, will this work?

There are a few reasons your community could be dead, we will work to identify why and then put in a plan to fix it.

The Payment Options


$349 per month

Minimum commitment is 6 months


If you want 1:1 support to make sure you are moving forward with the help that you need then upgrade and get 2 30 minute 1:1 calls with me per month as well!

Just $599 per month

You will get....

  • Full course access

  • DFY Templates, scripts and automations

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls per month

  • BONUS: Weekly Accountability Calls

  • BONUS: Personalised 12 week Strategy