Booking Your Strategy Audit Call ...

Step 1: Read the testimonials and watch the videos

Melissa had tried all the things, she had a Facebook group, a number one book on amazon, run ads, created a website, set up funnels...all the things but the one thing she was missing was the clear strategy to attract clients consistently. She had over 10000 people in her group but none of them were converting.

As Seen In...

"Before Deasha, I had been feeling quite stuck and unclear on how to grow my reach while launching my higher ticket private coaching program (8500+). I had a sense of what I needed to do, even had entire lists of things I was working on but was unsure what to prioritize for maximum impact. What I had been doing was burning me out. I didn't have many results to show for all the work I was putting in.

Deasha was the complete package, and my first impressions about her competence, skill and her commitment to my success were spot on. All the groundwork I did with Deasha and her in between sessions voxer support, which was detailed and robust as any you could ever need or ask for, had ALREADY helped me with a first-ever 5 figure launch while only having had a chance to implement a small part of the overall strategy we had developed. That five figure launch with a tiny group, a pretty small audience (less than 200 back then) and list would likely not have been possible without Deasha's clear strategic insight and encouragement. She has been 100% crucial and indispensable to my success this year. There aren't many like Deasha. She really is a gem of a person and coach you don't want to miss."

Step 2: Book in your Call....

One of my amazing clients who worked with me for 6 months 1:1 last year just had a massive $25k launch with her program!

We worked on building out an organic strategy that meant she could stop relying on her ads AND even do it without a VA.

She now has a plan to launch just 3 times throughout the year to her amazing group and in her words "live a dream life" Once you have a rinse and repeat system it really does get easier and easier to create the life that you love! 😍

Karen was struggling with her coaching business for the past 18 months and when we start working together, she gained so much clarity on who she was looking to work with and how and really got clear on how to craft content that is going to speak to her ideal client!

Stop being busy doing all the things that are not moving your business forward and start focusing on the things that are going to move your business!

"You are creating sustainability, no burnout, no crumbling of the house of cards because your foundations are solid. It is in this framework of the incubator; which is incredible, everything is coming together.

Wherever you are in your journey you want to be doing this marathon with Deasha"

Antonia Phelan Balazs

Your Coach

Deasha Waddup

Deasha has worked in marketing for over 9 years with extensive experience working internationally in corporate environments and in digital marketing agencies before founding Social Treats.

Deasha has helped businesses scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures since launching Social Treats in 2016. Using organic social media strategies, she has perfected a system that she now teaches through her coaching programs.

Deasha has worked with clients to build webinar funnels, membership funnels and even sell high ticket offers with absolutely no “funnels” all utilising organic strategies in particular Facebook Groups. She drives leads for high ticket items in industries spanning from wellness to coaching and lots in between.